Blueford family subpoenas the Oakland City Council

Tanesha Blye subpoenas the Oakland City Council

Family members of Alan Blueford subpoenaed the Oakland City Council today, demanding they attend a rally outside City Hall on Tuesday, July 31. The City Council previously had a meeting planned for that date, their last of the summer, which they Blueford family planned to attend in order to speak out about the misinformation spread about Alan and his killing by Oakland police officer Miguel Masso. Since that meeting was canceled, the family decided to organize a rally instead so they could tell their story directly to the people of Oakland.

Alan’s cousin, Tanesha Blueford, addressed the City Council during the Open forum, which was also attended by a number of supporters of the Justice 4 Alan Blueford campaign. After stating the details of the case and how the Oakland Police Department had lied both to the Blueford family and the people of Oakland–including stating that Alan had been in a “gun battle” when it is now clearly false–she subpoeaned the 8 members of the City Council and Mayor Jean Quan.

Each member of the Oakland City Council was given a copy of the following subpoena on Thursday, July 26, 2012. The family and their supporters will rally outside of Oakland City Hall on Tuesday, July 31 at 5pm.

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