Solidarity with Mi Pueblo workers

Several weeks ago, Dignity and Resistance Coalition endorsed the Justice 4 Alan Blueford coalition and our march against police brutality and racial profiling. We thank them for their support and we thank their members who turned out for the march.

The Dignity and Resistance Coalition is calling for a boycott of Mi Pueblo to stop unfair labor practices against workers and to stop Mi Pueblo’s voluntary participation in the federal I-9 audit which can result in deportations.  A community picket is happening on Wednesday, November 21, 4-7PM, and we would like to extend back to them our full solidarity.

Many of these Oakland workers are Latinos who face racial profiling, immigrants facing ICE aggression, and African Americans who are denied jobs, routinely.  We stand with them for justice!   Oakland workers deserve justice on the job just as much as they deserve justice–and constitutional protections–on the street.

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