Powerful video from December 18’s ‘Celebrating Alan Blueford & Resisting Police Brutality’


Watch the full video from JAB’s December 18 event on Youtube:

  1. Adam and Jeralynn Blueford
  2. Tribute video for Alan, Clarence Thomas of ILWU
  3. SEIU 1021 leaders & members
  4. Trish Gorham of OEA, Tim Killings of the BSU, slides of Alan
  5. Oscar Grant family, Angela Davis intro
  6. Angela Davis
  7. Angela Davis conclusion, Cephus Johnson, Rosemary Duenez
  8. Rosemary Duenez, Ramarley Graham’s parents, C.D. Witherspoon
  9. C.D. Witherspoon, Fred Hampton Jr.

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