JAB Unites w/Over 35 Families in Anaheim on July 21, 2013


Photo credit: Greg Silva from July 21, 2013 Anaheim, CA

I keep thinking of the phrase, “it takes a village to raise a child”.  I met Jeralynn & Adam Blueford because they lost their precious son Alan.  After attending 1 Year After Anaheim: Statewide Mass March Against Police Brutality, I am now coming to have the thought that it also takes a village to help a family get thru the loss of a child.  This weekend in Anaheim connecting with other families who have suffered the same loss as the Bluefords, as the Grants, as the Duenez’s, as the Diaz’s….this is a list I will not attemtp to complete here, but my point is that this weekend was amazingly powerful seeing all these families from around CA uniting to form a village. And I do not mean “village” in a quaint way at all, this village is mighty because it is founded in love, the strongest weapon out there and the reason we are going get justice for these young men who have been murdered by violent racist police.  ~Mollie Costello

Video from the march & rally: http://youtu.be/v358Nj_-Qxw

The next opportunity to unite with all these amazing families is in Sacramento on Oct. 22, check here for details: https://www.facebook.com/events/528949447140282/

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