ABC4J at the Malcolm X Jazz Festival in Oakland

ABC4J at the Malcolm X Jazz Festival in Oakland

The Alan Blueford Center For Justice, or ABC4J, attended the Malcolm X Jazz festival in Oakland, CA this year, this is a pic of a wheat-paste we saw in the neighborhood on the way to the festival…click on the photo to see a few other pics from the day.

After attending this festival, there are 2 things ABC4J suggests you keep your eye on…we are not saying that these 2 things are the 2 most important things from the day, they are just what struck us:
1. Nubia Bowe, a 19yo woman misidentified by BART police as someone who had been dancing on the train and even though she was not the person dancing, she was arrested for the *crime* of dancing as well as assaulted by BART police; Nubia then spent 4 days in Santa Rita.

Learn more about Nubia’s story here:

2. KulCha Coloring Works Inc. launching SOON!

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