Demand Justice from Oakland City Leaders!


Quan, Santana and Jordan

The Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition will be attending an Oakland town hall meeting this week on public safety and other issues. The meeting is scheduled to include: Mayor Jean Quan, OPD Cheif Howard Jordan, City Administrator Deanna Santana and City Council Member Pat Kernighan.

Wednesday, 5:30pm at Edna Brewer Middle School, 3748 13th Ave, Oakland.

They’ll be talking about public safety (by telling us that the solution to our 120 murders is more police, gang injunctions, and youth curfews), infrastructure (because that pothole that’s about 3 feet deep on my street and has been there for the last 6 months speaks well to their ability to resolve infrastructure issues), attracting new businesses to Oakland (aka the new business development districts that are behind all this gang injunction nonsense in the first place), and schools (sure we closed down 5 of them and plan to further de-fund them to pay the $4.6 million dollar settlement that OPD stuck us with for repeatedly strip-searching people in public, but we swear this time we’re serious about our children).

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