@KevChoice performs at #H2H4ALAN

Terrorists–which in this case are the police–attempt to divide & conquer by purposefully instilling a sense of fear & hopelessness into a population or community for a political agenda. Unity in the community is the answer to this terror.

On Saturday May 3, 2014 the Blueford family invited the community to join them in a walk around Lake Merritt to celebrate their son’s, brother’s, cousin’s, uncle’s, nephew’s life on the 2 year anniversary of his death. Alan Blueford died b/c a violent, racist, out of control OPD officer murdered him. The walk was a message that Alan’s life matters, all lives matter, including black ones, brown ones, poor ones, mentally ill ones….all lives matter, and we united as a community on May 3, 2014 to send this message in true Oakland fashion….this video of Kev Choice is the 1st of many to come from The Alan Blueford Center For Justice documenting all that happened on this amazing day in history, as we celebrated Alan’s life, we also united as a community against police terror.

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